There are several differences when it comes to public relations vs advertising.

  1. The space.  In advertising, the company is going to pay for all of the ad space.  In public relations, the job of the client is to get publicity for the company.  You will need to focus on the products and services that the company sells.
  2. Creative control.  In advertising, you are going to have complete creative control over what your advertisement will look like.  In public relations, you are not going to have any control over how your information is presented.
  3. Shelf life.  In advertising, as long as it is within your budget, you will be able to run your advertisements as long as your want.  In public relations, you are only going to get one press release for a new product.
  4. The wise consumers.  In advertising, the consumers are aware that the main purpose of the advertisement is to get them to buy a product or service.  In public relations, the consumers will view the product or service differently because they know that you did not pay for it.
  5. Creativity.  In advertising, the client has the opportunity to express their creativity when they are creating a new advertisement.  In public relations, the only way that you will be able to use your creativity is through generating buzz through the news.  This also works in affiliate marketing as well.
  6. Location.  In advertising, most of the people that you are going to be working with is going to be within the agency.  In public relations, you are only going to have a relationship with the media in order to print publications.
  7. Targeted audience.  In advertising, you have to make sure that you are advertising your product accordingly to the intended audience.  In public relations, you have to use the editors to read the article just so you can cover a certain event.
  8. The contact.  In advertising, you are going to have contact with the clients when you are an industry professional. In public relations, to the media you are going to be very visible.  Therefore, if something happens within the company, you will be the company’s spokesperson.
  9. Special events.  In advertising, you will not be able to take out an advertisement when the company has an event that they have sponsored.  In public relations, you have the ability to publish the information about the event or even cover the event.
  10. Writing style.  In advertising, you will have to use buzz words inside of the advertisement to try to get people to buy that particular product.  In public relations, you will be writing in a new format that might not make any sense.

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